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  • Upload and attach a variety of file types to assignments, including text, image, video, audio, and PDF.
  • Download assignment submissions and scores in a spreadsheet and easily insert into your final grade sheet.


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Manfred Delano Cannegieter
Manfred Delano Cannegieter, Assistant Professor, Takachiho University

With Video Gap Fills, many students commented that they lost track of time because they were so focussed on listening and typing. With the Audio Recording function, students can record themselves several times and then submit the recording that represents their best work. Whether I want my students to practice reading, writing, speaking or listening, TeacherTools.Digital is an easy to use platform that creates a win-win scenario in the classroom.

Nick DiNunzio
Nick DiNunzio, Adjunct Professor, J. F. Oberlin University

Having a timer and word count on the Written Report activity is great for preparing students for TOEFL writing conditions. In addition, being able to copy a link to an activity is incredibly convenient and a big time saver. Overall, TeacherTools.Digital is a very useful site, and I'm very grateful for the time and energy that has gone into making it user friendly.

Alex Bodnar
Alex Bodnar, Assistant Professor, University of Nagasaki

TeacherTools.Digital has been useful in supplementing the textbook I use. Students can access a range of activities with a simple link. The results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. I use voice dictation activities and audio recording to make sure my students do some speaking practice for homework.

Gary Mason
Gary Mason, Owner of OIC English School, Nagasaki

TeacherTools.Digital makes it really simple to personlise your online homework. Our kids can easily practice what they’ve learned in the lesson and parents really appreciate being able to see the lesson content. The Read Aloud activity is especially popular as our students can enjoy speaking at home. All the activities integrate seamlessly into our website, via the ‘copy link’ function, to give a professional appearance and fun learning experience for kids and adults alike.